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One of the things I realized about myself is that I like to think.

I enjoy letting my thoughts marinate. Quiet time is important to me.

Although I like to keep busy, my natural state is to "stay at rest".

This manifests in many ways.

I enjoy big ideas. Quality ideas.

However, if you are trying to build a startup, launching a new initiative, etc, you need to be "in motion". There's so much to do.

It's more important to experiment rapidly rather than trying to think up the right choice.

Solution: Build into your life processes that keep you in motion.

A lot of my progress in life (education, extracurriculars, work etc) is due in part to processes that keep me in motion.

  • Directors providing the mission, annual goals, and short term projects.

  • Co-workers and direct reports asking for information they need to get their work done.

  • Workplace events (i.e. conferences, talks, all-hands, etc)

If you are starting out by yourself, you need to quickly get yourself plugged into things.

You are running against the wind.

How can you replicate the above conditions to help you break through the inertia?


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