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Your partner for design & innovation.

You're good at what you do. But creating digital products is not what you were trained to do. You need to convince a customer or a financial supporter about how your idea works. If we work together, you'll learn how to move forward confidently, design a product people love, and make a difference through innovation.

Raise funding for your idea

How to get ideas out of your head and into the world? Many people have ideas but can't communicate their vision to a possible customer or a financial supporter. 

Make your vision concrete. Together, we'll create prototypes and a pitch deck you can take to a financial backer or customer. 

Get it done with an all-in-one designer

You don’t have time to hire and manage a large design team. A good product team may require research, prototyping, and project management. You end up having to manage more roles or hoping people will learn skills they’re not good at. This is not ideal if you want to move fast and get things shipped.

When you work with me, you’ll get a load of work off your shoulders. You’ll get someone who can conduct research, prototype, and collaborate with engineering. This is how you make the most of your time and funding. Your time is better spent keeping the company alive.

Founders feel less frustrated when they work with Lan.

“Lan is a great communicator and one of the best UX designers. He is careful and thoughtful and truly hopes for the best outcome of the project. Thanks for helping us take a critical step in the development of UpKeep!”

- Ryan Chan, CEO of UpKeep

“Lan helped us with our deck and prototype to land our first enterprise client! ... Lan is skilled as a designer and also as a startup business founder. His strength is his ability to take complex business functions and lay out a simple user friendly design.”

- Mark Sim, CEO of Whitney Technology

“Lan fully immersed himself into the project and functioned as the lead UI/UX designer. He was always able to keep a clear vision of our overarching mission in everything that he designed and tested. His passion of healthcare and wellness is contagious and very fitting for a project like this.”

- Jason Chang, MD/MBA, CEO of Edenos

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