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Why you might want to know me

I love to find new ways of solving problems in the world and talking about it with people.

  • Learn about design-thinking. Take a scientific finding and convert it into a policy, intervention, or app that people want to support and use.

  • Learn about prototyping. Build a proof of concept prior to overinvesting resources into a final product.

  • Learn how to raise funding. Obtain funding to scale your idea and extend your impact.

A few places where I've worked and trained

Tying together empathy, equity, and effectiveness. Public sector and technology design.

  • Stanford. Where I learned to advocate for people.

  • California State Senate. Healthcare reform & social policy.

  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Training fellowship at the California Tribal Epidemiology Center.

  • Microsoft Power BI. Interface designer for our flagship data visualization & business intelligence tool.

  • University of Washington. Enterprise reporting and analytics. Designing tools to help leaders and staff easily access reports and dashboards.

Projects I stay up late working on

Could you help me with any of these? or know of someone who could?

  • Establishing an endowed chair at a top ranked university. Helping an alumni club protect a critical humanities program, and I’m in need of some guidance.

  • Writing a guide to help smart people be more comfortable with failure. Based on my experiences forcing my analytical mind to do creative work. Would love to find people interested in this topic so I can tailor my writing to their interests.


  • Creating a resource on healthcare and innovation. Putting together a practical guide that institutions can use to practice innovation. Would love to connect with anyone currently doing this work or interested in implementing such processes in their workplace.


For questions about anything you've seen here, send me a connection request on LinkedIn. Please include a message about how you found me.

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